Business Development

Sales 101

Sales in the 21st century has changed. No longer are the days of Mad Men where deals were closed over a steak and scotch. Now you have clients who are busier than ever and have numerous options to choose from. The challenge is now differentiating yourself and business in order to show your customer why he/she should choose your product. On top of that, sales has evolved technologically with virtual sales pitches, online CRM systems and less face to face interactions.
Feeling confused by the new sales era? Well we can help with our 5 step targeted sales approach that will differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your profits. 

Marketing Analyst 

Comprehensive Marketing Analyst report and do-it-yourself options consisting of the following:

  • Strategic and historical analysis of the specified industry
  • An understanding of competitor strategies 
  • Easy do-it-yourself adaptable solutions to assist in the functions of your existing business model.
  • Recommendations based on current trends, market leads and first movers. 
  • Service Briefing:
    • The full analysis will comprise a series of meetings with the you to ensure the appropriate direction is planned, met and fulfilled. 
    • The contract cost depends on pre-existing established subject matter, and the availability of accessing research material.
    • Reported data is based on existing and current trends utilizing mediums of social media and secondary marketing research. Direct first-hand information by request only, and at an additional fee.