Key Factors To Consider When Blogging

Written by m101
  • Find your Keyword – make sure you put that keyword in around 20% of your blog post.
  • Make your handle AWESOME! Not just awesome but SUPER AWESOME, make it attention grabbing.
  • Balance your Meta description – your eta description is what shows up below the headline in search results (avg. 150-160 characters). Mention keyword once and try to answer, “Why they need this”.
  • Clean up your slug (URL), if it is too long edit it to be shorter, Search engines view URLs like they view your headings tags.
  • Nail the first 100 words, crawlers’ start with the first 100 words to find the bulk of their info about your blog. Include your head term or long-tail keyword at least once for the crawlers to find it and make it captivating for the humans to grab them.
  • Tag your best images. This is the BIGGEST step most bloggers forget. Go edit the image and add a description, Use your head term and describe what the image is. (avg 70-100 characters). Link your main post image and your best images unless you’ve pulled them from the internet (curated images already rank for someone else).
  • Link, Link, Link – When a crawler sees a word or phrase linked, it places more emphasis on that than a non-linked word or phrase. There are three types of links:
  • Internal Linking – linking to relevant content within your own site.
  • Anchor Tags – Links to the different parts within your post. 
  • External Linking – Link strong keywords to other strong pieces of content signals to a crawler that your article is within the same topic category. PLUS you share the love, giving your fellow blogger a pat on the back, they see that and hopefully they will do the same down the road, win-win.
  • Internal linking is the most effective for keeping someone on your site, it decreases your bounce rate, increases time on the site, all good things in the ranking algorithms.
  • Content! Make it amazing! And watch your spelling and grammar, those are points against you if you have lots.
  • Get Traffic, Share, Share, Share.
  • Build your backlinks – avoid link farms (that is just dirty), you can old school reach out and ask for a backlink and exchange for a backlink by reaching out to another blogger (is time consuming but works). Or…

    1. Find your best long term article
    2. Write smaller articles around those categories
    3. Break is down into smaller categories
    4. Repeat…sub-articles are perfect for building MULTIPLE backlinks. 
  • Publish consistently routine helps a great deal; the more content you publish, the more the web crawlers have to index your site. The more they do that, the higher you rank because they see you as a “healthy” site.
  • Audit every 3-6 months. If I find if the post is not ranking as well, go back and edit a few things and send it back into the ripple of things. Repurpose your work, and make sure it keeps the traction, if you forget about your blog posts, that tell crawlers to too.

There you go, I hope you found this information informative, happy blogging.

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