We are freelance entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

M101 is composed of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. Our services are simple and affordable with entrepreneurial goals in mind. We offer an array of information to better establish your business or brand’s presence on the web. We are a boutique web solution provider that also serves small business coaching and/or consulting within menu service options. We are here to help businesses grow via DIY or contractual assistance. We offer one-on-one training, group training and dynamic training via virtual training with high-quality instructions and support to better utilize the web for your business.

Feeling cash poor starting your business but have great product to trade? Sweet! Cash is not king here. We certainly accept cash but am open to trades as well. Why not, it’s a new world out there. 

Meet The Team

Kerri Dawn m101

Kerri – Designer & Coach

Hello! I am Kerri a WordPress web designer and small business coach based out of Calgary, Alberta. I am your true definition of a serial entrepreneur; I have a keen eye for niche markets and strong knowledge in both small and online businesses. Please visit my personal site kerridawn.com to view my current business portfolio. I started web design back in 2006 after attending NAIT for Business Administration -Marketing and Web 2.0. During my time in NAIT, I created a business directory website for a business project that was recognized for its business model. To learn more visit me on Linkedin. From there, I started playing more with web-design and layout, growing a strong knowledge for internet business branding. My area of specialization with WordPress are Multisite.

While I have worked with many platforms, I put most of my attention into WordPress as its content management system fits virtually any website or business needs. WordPress makes your online presence easy to expand and improve on as you and your business grow. If you would like to learn more about me, check out my portfolio on Linkedin.

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Pam Purnell Copy Write Editor

Writing content for a website seems easy right? That is until you sat down to write it.

An outside perspective can help!

Working with a content developer allows you to tell me what you want to say and I’ll take the important stuff, condense the info while highlighting all of the amazing skills your company possesses.

We can work with you and tailor our strengths to fit into your budget. Only need a page re-written, no problem, need a whole website…we can do that too.

My writing wizardry is here to help you.

Pam – Copy Writer & Editor

Arielle Land – Social Media Specialist

Arielle here. I connect people to the brands they resonate with via social media. My unique skill-set merges my passion for the social media world with my marketing and strategy skills to build and leverage brands online that are unique, engaging and valuable.

My social media branding experiences are well-rounded, ranging from Honda Canada to the Calgary Stampede to small businesses and non-profits. By leading online marketing strategies, I connect the right people to the brands with which they resonate.

Arielle – Social Media Specialist

Courtney – Marketing Analysts

Courtney – Marketing Analysts 

Constantly on the go with a cup of coffee in hand, Courtney Rogoza is known for her knowledgable and professional advice as an Insurance Broker. After completing a Bachelor of Management in Marketing from the University of Lethbridge, she has worked her way from a Promotions Team Lead, to Marketing Assistant, and most recently Alberta’s Marketing Coordinator for Launch This on contract with CLIF Bar nutritional products. She has completed this chain of success while working as a Insurance Broker with Alberta’s leading brokerage Rogers Insurance Ltd. Courtney has worked in contrasting industries allowing her the opportunity to have an extensive portfolio.

Courtney is a keen observer and knows how to use that ability to her advantage, whether it is by optimizing a sales pitch through educating, or defining a problem and customizing a solution. Courtney believes that by using the tools you passionate about by fine tuning them through education is the key to developing a successful strategy. Her personal goal has been to excel at planning lucrative business strategies by using the same method she has used throughout her career. This is why she finds it necessary to understand your strengths and challenge yourself by trying out a new opportunity.

Lisa Wolansky Media Specialist

Lisa Wolansky – Freelance writer and On-air/voice talent

With more than 10 years in the media, Lisa has a strong understanding of how to engage an audience. Her experience includes in-studio camera work, reporting and production at City TV Calgary, Shaw TV Calgary and Global Edmonton. Lisa’s writing experience stems from daily stories created for television, web and print.

Media need more than just a good story to cover what you are pitching, they need a hook. Lisa can help develop key areas like media coaching, location scouting, and video production. She thrives on engaging audiences and readers through creative and factual story telling.
Hire Lisa to help tell your story. ​


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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